10 Different Types of Valves and Their Functionality

Below you will find description of the 10 different types of marine industrial valves that have well deserved their sea legs. Ship pipelines can transport many things including water, oil, air, and steam. More often than not, these pipelines pass through an array of different types of valves depending on pipeline pressure and overall usage and necessity.


Gates are typically used in the wider sections of pipes to control the flow of heavy and solid liquids. They are specifically designed to control the opening and closing of liquid flow and are usually operated in a fully open or fully closed position with minimal obstruction through the bore/body.


Globes have a twisted bore that gives it the superior ability to regulate the flow of fluid beyond starting and stopping. It is often used for in-line applications and contains a disk blocker attached to the stem that can be lifted and lowered through the passageway and into the seat.


Check valves allow fluid to flow in one direction and open automatically when there’s pressure coming from the inlet side and close with outlet side pressure.


A butterfly has the ability to adjust and regulate the flow of liquids through different disc rotations on a notch positioning plate. They can be used on fresh water, salt water, lube oil and fuel oil systems.


Strainer valves separate liquid from solids, allowing fluid to flow in an application.


An excellent choice for shutoff applications, the ball valve controls fluids through application pipes using a spherical disc blocker.

Fire Hose

Fire Hose valves control the flow of fluid through various types of fire hoses for fire protection using a disc that lifts and lowers. This valve works in conjunction with Stortz, Nakajima, ANSI PIN and Morris type hose couplings.


Angle valves have outlet openings that are oriented at right angles to inlet openings that regulate the flow of fluid into the pipeline in an application. This valve utilizes a piston seat within the metal casing for control of the flow of fluid OR gas.


A storm valves main function is to take waste away from the main sewer line to avoid overloading of water and sewage. This valve opens and closes in correlation to flow that returns back to a seat.

Vent head

Vent head valves control air inside pipes that transport fluids moved by pressure from pumps. It reduces flow, turbulence and damage from shaking pipes by allowing excess air out of the pipe while containing fluid.

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February 10, 2020
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