If you pay close attention to the skin of an aircraft, a plethora of rivets may be visible along the vehicle's exterior. Used to hold sheets of aluminum together on modern aircraft, rivets are applied in lieu of welding due to aluminum’s susceptibility to heat. Weakening the bond along joints when exposed to extremely high temperatures produced during welding, rivets mitigate the margin of error associated with welded aluminum. Presenting themselves as mechanical fasteners with a cylindrical shaft and factory head at one end, rivets come in multiple shapes to create a solid foundation that streamlines the construction of aircraft. Placed within prefabricated holes, rivets must be pressed (or “bucked”) into place with the aid of a pneumatic rivet gun or hand tool. Providing an overview on rivets and their application among aircraft, we will briefly discuss why they are the prefered method to welding and how they compare. 

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It’s a good rule of thumb to always be prepared. Having everything you could need can make all the difference. Especially on marine vessels meant for intensive work, like those used for offshore oil drilling or fishing, having the right specialty deck equipment can reduce operational time, improve efficiency, and save money. But, how? And what kind of deck equipment should you get?

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