Whether owning or operating various electrical systems, it can be highly beneficial to have the tools necessary to measure various electrical parameters as needed. With electrical testing equipment, one may determine the current, voltage, resistance, continuity, and other factors that are present within a given apparatus. As a result, such tools are commonly used for the testing of live wires, electrical panels, circuit breakers, power transformers, and much more. Depending upon the type of system or equipment one needs to test, there are various common tool types that may be employed. To help you better familiarize yourself with electrical testing equipment, we will provide a brief overview of some common options.

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Electricity is paramount for powering the countless appliances and electronics that we rely on every day, but it is also a volatile force that needs to be managed for safety. When an excessive amount of current passes through wires due to a short circuit, a great amount of heat may be generated and sensitive components can be seriously damaged. Additionally, short-circuiting can even cause electrical fires and dangers to individuals which can be extremely dangerous for certain applications such as aviation. In order to prevent the damages and hazards associated with overload conditions, electrical circuits are guarded with circuit protection devices. The most common circuit protection devices are fuses, current limiters, and circuit breakers. As each device type has its own features and capabilities that dictate their use, it can be very beneficial to understand the differences between each Fuses are a basic component for circuit protection, and they are a thermal device with an element which exhibits a low melting point.

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“Switches”, “transmitters”, & “transducers” are said interchangeably with no regards for the differences, but that’s wrong. They aren’t all the same thing. You can’t use a transmitter in place of a switch and expect your circuit to work the way you wanted it to. And one of the biggest reasons you would have used the wrong part is that you thought they were all the same and didn’t know the difference. In order to put an end to the confusion and misuse, let’s talk about the difference between pressure switches and pressure transmitters.

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