Choosing the Right Fasteners for Your E-Track

Often used in enclosed trailers or on the floor of an open trailer, e-tracks are track systems that accommodate fittings for tie-down straps with wide and flat profiles. They’re very versatile, so they can also be used in garages, storage sheds, barns, etc. But, before you decide to install an e-track, it’s important to first understand what kind of fasteners you should use.

Choosing the right fasteners to install your e-track is very important because otherwise your items could be incorrectly secured and become damaged as a result. There are three common types of fasteners for use on an e-track: through-bolting, self-drilling screws, and wood screws.

Through-bolting fasteners are bolts that go all the way through the item they are connecting and held in place with a nut at the other side, forming a “sandwich” connection. The use of a washer increases the holding power of the bolt, especially with wood surfaces. As wood shrinks and deforms from weather and environmental conditions, sometimes causing the previously tightly fastened screw to become loose and wobbly or even fall out. On the other hand, a through-bolt’s nut and washer can make tightening and readjustment a breeze.

Self-drilling screws are those that eliminate the need for pre-drilling holes. They have a drill-shaped point to cut directly through sheet metal and steel. They make it easier and faster to install the screws, increasing efficiency. Sometimes, creating a pilot hole with the wrong screw can leading to increased vulnerability and damage to the surface, which could make the e-track less secure. The use of a self-drilling screw can eliminate that.

Wood screws are specially designed to be driven into wood materials. They have shorter threading that does not run through the entire body and less pitches. Because e-tracks are commonly installed onto wooden surfaces, wood screws will offer a better and more secure hold as opposed to metal screws which can cause undue damage instead.

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