And We All Float On: Choosing the Right Floating Dock

A dock is obviously a necessary for boarding and departing from a boat. In some places, such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that don’t experience changing water levels, a fixed dock mounted on posts in the water serves as a stable and functioning platform. However, many bodies of water have changing tide levels, which a fixed dock cannot adjust to. Floating docks, meanwhile, can rise and fall with the tide, making it the logical choice.

To clear up any confusion, these are docks this blog is referring to, not wharves or piers. A wharf is used for large commercial shipping, while piers range in size from large enough to accommodate cruise ships, to small enough for a family motor boat. A wharf is solid and a breakwater point, while piers allow water to flow freely beneath them. In its singular form, “dock” refers to a small platform for a moderately sized boat, like a small pontoon or yacht. “Docks” plural is used to refer to a large network of slips, anchorages, etc.

As their name obviously implies, floating docks are different from fixed docks in that they float. They are not as stable as fixed docks, but can be repositioned and removed if needed, and can often be far more affordable than fixed options due to requiring a less rigorous design and installation. Plastic and aluminum are the favored materials for constructing floating docks, as they are lightweight, reasonably durable, and resistant to rotting, rusting, and corrosion. Floating docks can also feature resin tops for extra reinforcement and durability. Wood is also a commonly-used material, but requires lots of sanding, staining, and sealing to protect it from rotting. There are even inflatable docks that can be attached to larger boats and are typically used to launch smaller craft, such as jet skis. However, inflatable docks are not intended as a permanent docking solution, as they are not very durable.

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February 10, 2020
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