Common States to Avoid While Working With Deck Machinery

Painting, cleaning, cargo handling, and operating deck machinery— there’s an entire laundry list of things to do aboard a cargo ship. And of course, when working with machinery, it’s important to make sure that all this work is done safely and properly but working at sea means that there are additional safety hazards. So, in order to save you from headache, you should remember to avoid these deck machinery system mistakes.

  • Ballast systems - Before using the ballast systems, remember to inspect the valves and area around the pump. You start the pump without visual contact of the system from the cargo control room, so it’s safer to know the conditions of all the affected areas before you start.
  • Bow thruster - Make sure that as you start the bow thruster, you increase the pitch slowly and you don’t let the maximum pitch exceed 90%; going from minimum to maximum immediately can damage the motor.
  • Deck crane - Be aware of the safe working load capacity of the crane system; it’s painted on the side of the crane body.
  • Fire systems - Maintain and inspect the pipes and all other mechanical components of the fire system prior to departure. You don’t want to deal with a fire only to realize your fire systems don’t work because of mechanical failure.
  • Hydro blaster - Before operating, know where the safety switch is. Also, don’t attempt to tape or tie the hydro blaster to keep it “on”.
  • Welding - Before attempting any weld job, make sure the check the surrounding area to make sure that things like the fuel tank vent, fuel containers, or wires are safe and secure. Heat damage can be irreparable.
  • Winches - Make sure to control the speed carefully and try to use the reduction gear instead of the brake. Overusing the brake tends to damage the drum lining.

And, as with all machinery, you need to remember that regular maintenance and repair is key to making sure that your deck machinery stays operating safely and properly.

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