The Common Types of Rigging Gear

Within applications such as construction or assembly, riggers and rigging equipment are some of the most indispensable parts of the operation. Utilizing a range of equipment, riggers can safely move bulky and heavy items around a site, as well as up and down floors as needed. Rigging gear parts include equipment such as eye bolts, rings, lifting & rigging hooks, ropes, slings, pulleys, and blocks. As they all take on an important role in transporting objects in a secure and precise way, understanding the functions that various parts play is important. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the common rigging gear parts that are utilized across a variety of industries.

Eye Bolts and Rings: With the use of eye bolts and rings, the load that is to be moved can be attached to the rest of the rigging equipment. Eye bolts and rings will often be constructed out of a strong metal, such as steel, in order to support the loads that they are to carry. The shape of an eye bolt or ring is typically a circle or cylinder, though specific shapes and sizes will differ depending on the application and size of the load. It is highly recommended to use rings that are unwelded to ensure integrity during lifting and through prolonged use. During inspection, eye bolts and rings should be checked for deformation, wear, corrosion, cracks, thread exposure, or any issues that would warrant a possible risk.

Lifting & Rigging Hooks: The hook is what attaches to the rope or sling and prevents slippage, and general types include adapter lifting, eye lifting, shank lifting, antenna lifting bar, chain lifting, and synthetic sling lifting hooks. For safety, the rated load of the lifting or rigging hook should be equal to or greater than that of the rope or sling. Out of all of the rigging gear parts, it is recommended that the hook should be the weakest so that if a failure occurs, it is the first to fail before other parts. During use, the tip of the hook should always always point away from the load, thus preventing tipping during operation.

Ropes, Slings & Accessories: With the use of either a rope or a sling, large objects can be safely moved around a site. The most common type of ring is the wire rope, consisting of strands of carbon or stainless steel wire ropes that are helically laid together. Wire ropes are useful for frequent or lengthy lifting, and they may be rated for loads upwards of 30 tons. Slings often come in types such as synthetic and chain slings, depending on various factors such as heat, load amount, load shape, etc. Chain slings are useful for high temperature applications and can lift rough loads. Synthetic slings, on the other hand, are useful for stability and balance when lifting certain objects.

Pulleys & Blocks: With a pulley or a block, the amount of force that is required to effectively lift a very heavy object is extremely reduced. The sheave assembly is a grooved wheel that allows for the rope or sling to be guided as it is lifted. Common types include swivel blocks, single & double pulleys, snatch blocks, and square blocks. Pulleys allow for the multiplication of force, thus reducing the amount of force that is needed to lift objects. They also allow for easier lifting as pulleys can be pulled downwards to lift the object up.

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