Different Types of Marine Propulsion Systems

Ships, submarines and other marine vessels are able to propel themselves using propulsion forces. There are a wide variety of marine propulsion systems that are available for private, military and commercial use. Below you can see a basic outline of the systems that are popular in the market.

Water-Jet Propulsion

Water-jet propulsion has been in use since 1954. Though it has undergone some advancements in technology,  the concept remains the same. Because it uses the flow of water to propel itself forward, this mechanism offers high-speed velocity for vessels while also causing less pollution to the environment.  The most important advantage of water-jet propulsion is that it does not cause noise pollution and offers high speed to the vessels. However, the water-jet propulsion as a ship propulsion system is costly to maintain compared to other propeller systems.

Nuclear Propulsion

Nuclear propulsion systems are mainly utilized by naval vessels. Nuclear propulsion, while very powerful, is a very complicated system that consists of water reactors and nuclear fission to fuel the vessel. In addition to propelling the vessel, the nuclear reactors in the ships are used to generate electricity.

Fuel Cell Propulsion

Some vessels utilize the fuel cell propulsion systems, which use hydrogen as the main fuel component. The way this works is that electricity is created in the fuel cell without any combustion whatsoever. The process is clean and therefore has been regarded as a very important alternative marine propulsion system. There are several types of propulsion under the fuel cell propulsion head like PEM (Photon-Exchange-Membrane) and the molten-carbonate system. For more information on marine propulsion systems, consult experts at Purchasing 3Sixty, the online distributor of hard to find marine parts.

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