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Pins are fasteners that allow for objects and materials to be secured together, and they may serve for a variety of assemblies and applications. From rigid materials that are inserted into a slot to flexible components arranged in parallel, clamping prongs, pins come in many shapes and forms to suit particular needs. When shopping for such fasteners, you may have come across those that are considered “military fastener pins”. While these components may seem similar in their design and use, they differ in their capabilities and ratings. In this blog, we will discuss what military-spec components are, as well as the various military fastener pins that are commonly used.

When creating parts for the United States Department of Defense, standardization serves as one of the most important aspects of design. This is because standardization guarantees that a particular part adheres to set requirements, reliability, compatibility, commonality, and other defense related objectives. To denote a part as a “Military Standard Part”, a number of names may be used such as MIL-STD, MIL-DTL, MIL-PRF, MS, and MIL-SPEC. The term military-spec, or milspec, is common as it serves as an informal way to convey that a part meets standards or specifications. In regards to military fastener pins, there are a number of types that may be used for fastening applications, and these include those such as MS straight headless pins, MS spring pins, and MS quick release pins.

MS straight headless pins are similar to solid pins in appearance, and they may feature ends that are square, chamfered, or engineered in other shapes as needed. Their materials may vary as well, often being constructed with steel composition with surface treatments such as cadmium overall and chromate overall. Typically, MS straight headless pins will be rated on their hardness and shear strength, and lengths will aid in finding what pin is best fit for your operation.

MS spring pins, also known as both tension pins and roll pins, are fasteners that are most optimally used for securing shaft and axle connections. This is due to their tolerance of side loads and rotational friction and their hollow, split dowel design. Spring pins may secure two or more components together in a position relative to one another, and its spring action capability permits compression while it encompasses the diameter of the hole it is inserted into. As the compression causes force against the walls, MS spring pins can be considered a self-retaining fastener.

MS quick release pins are a special pin type, allowing for frequent assembly and disassembly with ease. Such pins feature a button placed near the head of the component, as well as retractable balls that are at the end of the pin shaft. These retractable balls may be controlled by the button, causing them to retract so that the pin may be inserted into a hole. When the button is then released, the balls protrude again, acting as a grip that locks the pin in place for a secure assembly.

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