What are Common Types of Electrical Testers?

Whether owning or operating various electrical systems, it can be highly beneficial to have the tools necessary to measure various electrical parameters as needed. With electrical testing equipment, one may determine the current, voltage, resistance, continuity, and other factors that are present within a given apparatus. As a result, such tools are commonly used for the testing of live wires, electrical panels, circuit breakers, power transformers, and much more. Depending upon the type of system or equipment one needs to test, there are various common tool types that may be employed. To help you better familiarize yourself with electrical testing equipment, we will provide a brief overview of some common options.

Clamp Meters

Clamp meters are an essential tool for many applications, combining characteristics of digital multimeters and current sensors. Generally, clamp meters are employed for the measurement of high current levels in a circuit without the need for disconnection. Typically, variables such as voltage, continuity, resistance, and current may be measured with such tools, and clamp meters are known for their convenience and safety. Oftentimes, clamp meters are used for the service, installation, and maintenance of industrial controls, equipment, residential & commercial systems, HVAC, and more.

DC Power Supply

When a constant DC voltage needs to be supplied to a load, a DC power supply is quite beneficial. Such tools may be powered by DC or AC sources, and they are commonly relied on for the charging of batteries, aircraft, automotive processes, and low current applications.

Insulation Testers

To prevent the chance of an electrical shock or short circuit, tool types such as insulation testers are very beneficial. With such equipment, insulation resistance, continuous current, alternating current, and other operational characteristics can be determined with ease. As such tools are portable, they are relatively simple to use.


Multimeters are capable of measuring various parameters such as current, resistance, and voltage. As a portable tool, electricians often rely on multimeters for fault detection during field service work. Coming in analog and digital types, such tools present high accuracy which is beneficial when used for diode testing, voltage reference, production testing, etc.


Coming in the form of a portable electrical instrument, ohmmeters are employed for the measurement of electrical resistance. With a needle deflected with battery current and two test leads that are shorted together, the resistance of an electric circuit can be determined with ease. Generally, ohmmeters come in shunt, series, and multi-range types that benefit the testing of various electronic components.

Power & Energy Meters

When the energy used by an electric load needs to be measured, power and energy meters are the most optimal choice. With their use, power consumption is determined through the principle of transforming electrical energy into mechanical work.

Voltage Detector

If one needs to discern the voltage present within circuit breakers, outlets, or wiring, a voltage detector is best. Voltage detectors are regularly paired with multimeters and other tools within standard electrical test kits, and they are often relied on for determining whether there is a wiring issue or not.

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