Aircraft GSE Test Equipment Tools Parts Catalog - by Page 7

Part Number Description QTY RFQ
G600-270029-01 decal kit, aoa install Avl RFQ
02-7833-0100 axle jack Avl RFQ
PF55481P 2 gal. skydrol svc. unit Avl RFQ
1159CGSK215012 air cycle kit Avl RFQ
G600-270016-106 r/h ib & ob flaps & flight spoiler rigging fixture Avl RFQ
600-59140-11 battery charger Avl RFQ
25W991036-501 axle jack adapter, main Avl RFQ
G600-270007-7 tool, pitch trim actuator Avl RFQ
G600-270033-101 control wheel rigging fixture Avl RFQ
G600-490002-1 sling, apu Avl RFQ
01-0597-0000 tow bar head Avl RFQ
LTCT13930-03 fixture Avl RFQ
O2C33K01-180 nebulizer kit Avl RFQ
658478-2 kit, filters & seals Avl RFQ
G600-320016-1 nose door pin lock Avl RFQ
LTCT14356 tool Avl RFQ
01-0594-0000-A1 tow bar head Avl RFQ
CJMDX52-003 tool Avl RFQ
0856WC2 pitot static probe Avl RFQ
25-2790PTB mod kit Avl RFQ
G600-270010-1 spacer, pitch disconnect Avl RFQ
G600-270006-1 plate Avl RFQ
KGC991-9005-001-01 wiring kit Avl RFQ
UFC-45M unitron, 37.5kva power cart Avl RFQ
1159CGSK577006 kit Avl RFQ
2471003-1 aileron rigging tool Avl RFQ
FCT2322204-1 tool, ldg reamer Avl RFQ
ET50C1 ndt, calibration standard Avl RFQ
G600-100019-23 wing fuel vent covers Avl RFQ
01-0542-0010-A2 tow bar head Avl RFQ
KCA-HS125MLGAMRNS main landing gear spanner Avl RFQ
CF34-3B wrench, lube pump Avl RFQ
298174-3 adapter, apu stand Avl RFQ
LTCT14358 tool Avl RFQ
KCA-HS125GDAT lock Avl RFQ
AI-SK-1115 repair kit Avl RFQ
UFC-30M unitron, 25kva power cart Avl RFQ
02A2546-0100 jack w/air Avl RFQ
G601-780002-109 t/r pdu kit Avl RFQ
1159SEFL20370-1 service unit Avl RFQ
CCSC2220-01 b.o.b., yaw system Avl RFQ
CJMDX52-002 sump tool Avl RFQ
G600-270016-105 l/h ib & ob flaps & flight spoiler rigging fixture Avl RFQ
G600-324307-1 shim tool Avl RFQ
G600-270014-1 fixture, rudder rigging Avl RFQ
1/2 INCH sun gear retainer bot extention Avl RFQ
852B102-1-1 tool, flap actuator Avl RFQ
AIR48485-3 door jack Avl RFQ
57792A0000-01 tool, seal safety Avl RFQ
G600-270026-101 gauge Avl RFQ
G601-280018-1 sleeve alignment tool Avl RFQ
MIZ-40 eddy current test set Avl RFQ
071-1471-00 test set Avl RFQ
54300GMZCM hydraulic mule Avl RFQ
PSD600-1 fuel quantity test set Avl RFQ
CHENG85ISS3 stall ident test set Avl RFQ
831711-1 test box, ecs, acm Avl RFQ
25-8Y211-1A cover, exhaust Avl RFQ
22H-LJ7830200-3 stop bolt rigging gauge Avl RFQ
14-8116-4000 tools, wheel Avl RFQ
601K0474 s.b. kit Avl RFQ
AT6451R1 digital chronometer Avl RFQ
CCSCFX3250-02A nose wheel steer protractor Avl RFQ
M6106-32-001 removal tool, socket module Avl RFQ
G601-710017-1 protector Avl RFQ
LTCT14769X-01 tool Avl RFQ
600K0562X kit, tool nlg shock strut Avl RFQ
G600-100023-41 windshield cover Avl RFQ
LTCT13874-01 pusher Avl RFQ
2C91299G01 puller Avl RFQ
02A1032-0100-01 jack, nose Avl RFQ
MI-592016 channel adapter Avl RFQ
249001 tool, std. cal 1/megger Avl RFQ
3999 axle jack, 8.25 ton Avl RFQ
G500A-X20 exhaust cover Avl RFQ
83800164 tester, gcu rat Avl RFQ
63041006-1 tool, cartridge spring inst nlg Avl RFQ
1202-300 lamp Avl RFQ
G601-100005-1 plug apu intake Avl RFQ
G604-326101-1 target Avl RFQ
HT3408M hi-torq bit Avl RFQ
ES12851-2 brace main landing gear Avl RFQ
1159CGSK293035 kit, hydraulic transmitter Avl RFQ
8547223 towbar, shipping stand Avl RFQ
AD600-12 air data accessories kit Avl RFQ
01-1202-0000-B6 tow bar Avl RFQ
33410S-70B adaptor Avl RFQ
601K0573 s.b. kit Avl RFQ
601K0578 s.b. kit, thrust reverser Avl RFQ
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