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In search of Cable Extenders? Look no further than Purchasing 3Sixty. We are owned by ASAP Semiconductor, a leading supplier of Cable Extenders IT hardware parts, and therefore have access to an unmatched inventory and supply chain network. We have listed Cable Extenders parts such as 29347, 39975, 4XLS101, 500027, 500050 from manufacturers including C2g, 4xem Corporation, Mux Lab, Perle Systems, Calrad. Purchasing 3Sixty and ASAP Semiconductor have the shared goal of revolutionizing the parts procurement process. To see how we are achieving that, submit an RFQ today.

Manufacturer's List of Cable Extenders

Part Number's List for Cable Extenders

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
29347 c2g c2g 4-port usb superbooster dongle receiver, black 4-port usb superbooster dongle-receiver Avl RFQ
39975 c2g trulink(r) dviandtrade; over cat5 extender Avl RFQ
4XLS101 4xem corporation 4xem 1-port poe extender 10 100 adapter mbps-100m 1port poe extender 10/100 adap mbps-100m Avl RFQ
500027 mux lab stereo audio balun accs Avl RFQ
500050 mux lab component video plus digital adap audio balun male Avl RFQ
6004280 perle systems exp-1s110l-rj-xt 1x10/100 rj45 perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004290 perle systems exp-1s110l-bnc-xt 1x10/100 bnc perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004300 perle systems exp-1s110l-tb-xt 1x10/100 tb perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004520 perle systems exp-4s110l-rj-xt 4x10/100 rj45 perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004530 perle systems exp-4s110l-bnc-xt 4x10/100 bnc perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004540 perle systems exp-4s110l-tb-xt 4x10/100 tb perp vdsl poe co xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004714 perle systems exp-4s110e-bnc 4x10/100 bnc perp vdsl poe cpe lan extender Avl RFQ
6004724 perle systems exp-4s110e-tb 4x10/100 perp terminalb vdsl poe cpe enet extend Avl RFQ
6004760 perle systems exp-1s110e-rj-xt 1x10/100 rj45 perp vdsl poe cpe xtem lan extender Avl RFQ
6004770 perle systems exp-1s110e-bnc-xt 1x10/100 bnc perp vdsl poe cpe xtemp lan extender Avl RFQ
6004944 perle systems exp-kit11-s110-rj 1xexp-1s110l perp 1xexp-1s110e-rj extender kit Avl RFQ
6004954 perle systems exp-kit11-s110-bnc 1xexp-1s110lperp 1xexp-1s110e-bnc extender kit Avl RFQ
6004964 perle systems exp-kit11-s110-tb 1xexp-1s110l perp 1xexp-1s110e-tb extender kit Avl RFQ
6005064 perle systems exp-kit44-s110-rj 1xexp-4s110l perp 1xexp-4s110e-rj extender kit Avl RFQ
6005074 perle systems exp-kit44-s110-bnc 1xexp-4s110lperp 1xexp-4s110e-bnc extender kit Avl RFQ
6005084 perle systems exp-kit44-s110-tb 1xexp-4s110l perp 1xexp-4s110e-tb extender kit Avl RFQ
72-125K-S-2 calrad 2 usb solderless keystones adap type a female to screw terminal Avl RFQ
APC-4902 american power conversion corp apc usb extension over cat5/6 Avl RFQ
B120-000 tripplite tripp lite dvi dual link extender adapter - repeater dvi f/f booster extender uxga perp 1600x1200 w/ac adapter up to 135ft Avl RFQ
B120-000-SL tripplite tripp lite b120-000-sl dvi single link signal extender - repeater - up to 150 ft dvi extender equalizer, single link video repeater 1920x1200,1080p at 60h (dvi f Avl RFQ
B122-000 tripplite tripp lite hdmi signal extender - repeater - up to 150 ft hdmi signal extender hdmi-f/f Avl RFQ
B122-000-60 tripplite hdmi signal booster 1080p 60hz f/f taa/g Avl RFQ
B125-150 tripplite extd hdmi over cat5 cat6 hdmi hdcp Avl RFQ
B130-101 tripplite cat5/5e/6 extender kit, vga, taa compliant Avl RFQ
B165-101 tripplite rs-232 / serial over cat5 extender kit (ordered as needed from mfg) rs-232 / serial over cat5 extender kit Avl RFQ
B203-101 tripplite tripp lite b203-101 usb 2.0 over cat5 extender - usb extender - up to 330 ft 330ft cbl ext usb hispeed 2.0 cat5 480mb Avl RFQ
BL-526-051 steren hdmi extender over cat5e or cat6 Avl RFQ
CE-D20012-S1 siig dvi to hdmi over cat5e mini-extender Avl RFQ
CE-H20111-S1 siig hdmi over cat5e receiver taa perp Avl RFQ
CE-H20311-S1 siig hdmi over cat5e transmitter Avl RFQ
CE-H20N11-S1 siig hdmi repeater hdmi-hdmi f / f extends hdmi signals out further (ordered as needed from mfg) extends hdmi signals out further Avl RFQ
CE-H21311-S1 siig hdmi extender over single cat5/6 with ir/rs-232 & auto edid Avl RFQ
EXT-AUD-1000 gefen audio extender - wired - external Avl RFQ
EXT-DIGAUD-141 gefen analog audio extender (extdigaud141) Avl RFQ
EXT-RS232 gefen serial extender - wired - external - 1000 ft Avl RFQ
EXT-USB-MINI2N gefen mini usb-2 - usb extender - wired - external Avl RFQ
GTB-USB2.0-4LR-BLK gefen usb 2.0 lr 4-port extender black Avl RFQ
GTV-HDMI1.3-141 gefen tv repeater for hdmi 1 3 perp Avl RFQ
GUCE51 iogear iogear usb ethernet extender guce51 - usb extender - external - up to 198 ft cat5/cat6 usb extender class2 cabl w/receiver win/mac 198ft +edr taa Avl RFQ
GUCE62 iogear iogear usb 2.0 boostlinq ethernet extender 164ft usb 2.0 boostlinq enet cabl Avl RFQ
GVE320 iogear cat5e 6 extender (gve320) Avl RFQ
HD-C5IRWP qvs qvs 60 meter hdmi 1.3 extender cabl cat5/6 wallplate w/ir control Avl RFQ
HX1K-3 cable manufacturing inc hdmi extender cei Avl RFQ
JU-EX0111-S1 siig siig usb 2.0 4-port extender (tx / rx) - usb extender - 4 ports - up to 262 ft extend usb device connections over long cat6 cabling - see more at: http://www.s Avl RFQ
MT340 phoenix audio technologies quattro3 power hub (mt340) Avl RFQ
NBAC0208 american power conversion corp apc netbotz 4-port cat5 pod extender Avl RFQ
NBAC0212 american power conversion corp apc netbotz fiber pod extender - Avl RFQ
RS232EXTC1 startech serial db9 rs232 extender over cat5 ser over cat5 extd ser pt extd Avl RFQ
ST121UTPDVI startech dvi over cat5/utp extender (st121utpdvi) Avl RFQ
U007-40M tripplite tripp lite u007-40m usb extension 125ft usb over cat5 extension cabl usb a m/f Avl RFQ
U224-4R4-R tripplite tripp lite 4-port remote usb hub over cat5 - usb extender - 4 ports - 4 pin usb type a, rj-45 / 4 pin usb type a, rj-45 - up to 148 ft 4 port usb hub over cat5 (u2244r4r) Avl RFQ
UCE60 aten technology aten technologies uce60 usb extender 60m usb extender cabl Avl RFQ
UEH4002 aten technology ueh4002 usb 2.0 extender with adap 4port hub Avl RFQ
USB-C5EXT qvs qvs usb-c5ext usb extender qvs usb enhanced cat5/6 perp active repeater for up to 150ft Avl RFQ
USB110EXT2 startech 1-port usb over cat5 cat6 ethernet extender 1 port usb over cat5 cat 6 ext (usb110ext2) Avl RFQ
USB2001EXT2 startech 1-port usb 2.0 over cat5 cat6 ethernet extender 1 port ethernet extender (usb2001ext2) Avl RFQ
USB2002EXT2 startech cat5 cat6 extender, 2-port, usb extd over cat5 or cat6 2 pt usb Avl RFQ
USB2004EXT2 startech 4-port usb over cat5 extender extd over cat5 or cat6 4pt usb Avl RFQ
USB2G4LEXT2 startech extend usb 2.0 devices up to 330ft (100m) over a gigabit ethernet lan 330ft 4pt usb2 over gb lan direct cat5e Avl RFQ
USBA-RJ45-EXT comprehensive cable comprehensive usb extender (up to 150ft) 150ft usb extender 2yr warrantycabl Avl RFQ
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