Marine Jet Drive Parts

150-B-06906, 150-B-07486, 150-H01727, 150-H02079, 150-H02484 are just a few of the marine jet drive parts that we carry in stock. Purchasing 3Sixty, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, has over 6 billion new, old, and obsolete parts that are stocked or which can be sourced from reliable manufacturers like .

Our customers can trust us to stock and, if necessary, procure items such Rudder Kit Aluminum, Rudder Kit Plastic, Suction Piece, Transom Housing, 9° to 18° (Standard), Bowl. We are not only experts at sourcing parts, but we can do it in an expedited amount of time. Whether you’re in need of marine jet drive parts, jet pump parts, or jet boat parts, our team is sure to have it. Call us now and we can provide you with an immediate quote.

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Part Number Description QTY RFQ
150-B-06906 rudder kit aluminum Avl RFQ
150-B-07486 rudder kit plastic Avl RFQ
150-H01727 suction piece Avl RFQ
150-H02079 transom housing, 9° to 18° (standard) Avl RFQ
150-H02484 bowl Avl RFQ
150-H02503 transom housing, 0° to 9° Avl RFQ
150-H02715 suction piece Avl RFQ
150-H03155 bowl, 12jf Avl RFQ
150-H2155 intake adapter 12° with fins Avl RFQ
150-H2481 intake adapter, flat bottom with fins Avl RFQ
150-H2768 intake adapter, flat outside mt., with fins - no longer available Avl RFQ
150-L02507 aluminum impeller Avl RFQ
150-L02850 gasket, suction to intake adapter Avl RFQ
150-L03495 bowl Avl RFQ
150-L04251 reverse bucket Avl RFQ
150-L04405 nozzle Avl RFQ
150-L04411 intake grate Avl RFQ
150-L04433 reverse bucket Avl RFQ
150-L04501 nozzle Avl RFQ
150-L04539 adapter body Avl RFQ
150-L04962 tilt ring Avl RFQ
150-L05021 commercial stainless steel impeller Avl RFQ
150-L05026 nozzle housing Avl RFQ
150-L05049 steering nozzle 12jf Avl RFQ
150-L05050 reverse bucket - 12jf Avl RFQ
150-L5291 housing cover - no longer available Avl RFQ
150-M04128 hand hole cover  Avl RFQ
150-M05356 pump shaft  Avl RFQ
150-M05645 steering tiller Avl RFQ
150-M05773 cooling water pipe Avl RFQ
150-M05840 cav. plate bracket Avl RFQ
150-M05875 tiller Avl RFQ
150-M05881 steering extension Avl RFQ
150-M05928 grate retainer Avl RFQ
150-M05987 control lever Avl RFQ
150-M05988 connecting link Avl RFQ
150-M06098 hand hole cover Avl RFQ
150-M06493 steering rudder Avl RFQ
150-M5356 pump shaft, 1-3/8", ten tooth spline Avl RFQ
150-M5773 cooling water pipe Avl RFQ
150-M5840 cavitation plate bracket Avl RFQ
150-M5928 intake grate retainer Avl RFQ
150-M6098 hand hole clean-out cover Avl RFQ
150-M6529 steering extension Avl RFQ
150-S-16171 self-locking nylon tie, small Avl RFQ
150-S08287 packing rings Avl RFQ
150-S09017 bowl gasket Avl RFQ
150-S09018 bearing cap gasket Avl RFQ
150-S09488 reverse cable packer grommet bm-6593 Avl RFQ
150-S09850 bowl end cap Avl RFQ
150-S10068 insulator Avl RFQ
150-S10125 wear ring Avl RFQ
150-S10825 rev. bucket shaft Avl RFQ
150-S10870 nozzle housing gasket Avl RFQ
150-S10907 rod end Avl RFQ
150-S11543 wrench Avl RFQ
150-S12005 impeller nut Avl RFQ
150-S12727 packing gland Avl RFQ
150-S13166 rubber gasket for transom housing Avl RFQ
150-S13529 steering adapter tube - steermaster & marmac Avl RFQ
150-S13530 steering tube nut Avl RFQ
150-S13531 steering tube bushing Avl RFQ
150-S13665 adapter - steermaster steering only Avl RFQ
150-S13731 bowl seal o-ring Avl RFQ
150-S13734 hand hold cover o-ring Avl RFQ
150-S13865 swivel pin nylinerbearing Avl RFQ
150-S13883 pipe plug Avl RFQ
150-S13965 steering adapter tube - rideguide & teleflex Avl RFQ
150-S14063 thrust bearing Avl RFQ
150-S14379 shaft sleeve Avl RFQ
150-S14380 suction piece seal Avl RFQ
150-S14475 bearing cap seal Avl RFQ
150-S14476 bowl seal Avl RFQ
150-S14477 nyliner bearings Avl RFQ
150-S14478 snap ring Avl RFQ
150-S14479 groove pin Avl RFQ
150-S14480 grease fitting Avl RFQ
150-S14481 woodruff key Avl RFQ
150-S14482 impeller key Avl RFQ
150-S14483 bowl bearings Avl RFQ
150-S14493 hand hole wrench fastener Avl RFQ
150-S14821 barbed connector Avl RFQ
150-S14929 "o" ring Avl RFQ
150-S15338 bearing cap Avl RFQ
150-S15396 tiller shaft Avl RFQ
150-S15410 terminal for: morse steering - no longer available Avl RFQ
150-S15412 reverse control arm pin bm-6592 Avl RFQ
150-S15413 reverse cable adjusting nut (bm-6592) Avl RFQ
150-S15414 nyliner bearing bm-6592 Avl RFQ
150-S15426 reverse cable packer nut (bm-6593) Avl RFQ
150-S15427 reverse cable packer washer bm-6593 Avl RFQ
150-S15904 cooling water pipe retainer Avl RFQ
150-S15905 cooling water pipe retainer back-up plate Avl RFQ
150-S15981 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S16022 cooling water pipe "o" ring Avl RFQ
150-S16117 wing nut Avl RFQ
150-S16133 adjustment clamp Avl RFQ
150-S16138 12" steering tube Avl RFQ
150-S16139 15" steering tube Avl RFQ
150-S16141 steering tube bearing Avl RFQ
150-S16166 transom seal bellows Avl RFQ
150-S16167 counterweight spring Avl RFQ
150-S16173 cable bellows Avl RFQ
150-S16192 guide swivel Avl RFQ
150-S16215 hose clamp Avl RFQ
150-S16216 hose clamp Avl RFQ
150-S16238 drain flu b-07572 Avl RFQ
150-S16254 reverse cable seal bearing Avl RFQ
150-S16255 reverse cable sealhousing Avl RFQ
150-S16256 reverse cable sealretainer Avl RFQ
150-S16273 steering adapter Avl RFQ
150-S16274 steering cable retainer for steermaster steering Avl RFQ
150-S16344 reverse swivel pin Avl RFQ
150-S16347 jam nut Avl RFQ
150-S16350 clevis pin Avl RFQ
150-S16375 "0" ring Avl RFQ
150-S16376 steermaster steering - no longer available Avl RFQ
150-S16401 flat washer Avl RFQ
150-S16415 hose clamp Avl RFQ
150-S16416 hose clamp Avl RFQ
150-S16549 grease fitting cap Avl RFQ
150-S16567 cavitation plate Avl RFQ
150-S16609 retaining clip bm-6592 Avl RFQ
150-S16753 rudder pin Avl RFQ
150-S16759 limit switch Avl RFQ
150-S17737 nozzle o-ring Avl RFQ
150-S17824 shoulder screw Avl RFQ
150-S17843 cable clevis Avl RFQ
150-S17981 washer, sending unit spacer Avl RFQ
150-S18297 shoulder bolt Avl RFQ
150-S18299 reverse link Avl RFQ
150-S18379 shoulder bolt, 1/2" Avl RFQ
150-S18422 shoulder bolt Avl RFQ
150-S18428 nyliner bearing Avl RFQ
150-S18429 cable clamp Avl RFQ
150-S18621 shaft with pulling tap, 3/4" 0.d. x 1-9/16" long Avl RFQ
150-S19185 limit switch to motor wire, green Avl RFQ
150-S19186 limit switch to motor wire, tan Avl RFQ
150-S19187 engine to control switch wire, red Avl RFQ
150-S19188 housing to engine ground wire, black Avl RFQ
150-S19189 control switch to limit switch wire, tan Avl RFQ
150-S19190 control switch to limit switch wire, green Avl RFQ
150-S19191 sending unit at indicator gage wire, yellow Avl RFQ
150-S19192 ring wire connector 16 to 14 Avl RFQ
150-S19193 rubber grommet Avl RFQ
150-S19194 self-locking nyion tie, large Avl RFQ
150-S19202 push-on retaining ring Avl RFQ
150-S19264 ignition switch to indicator gage wire, violet Avl RFQ
150-S19348 sending unit to housing wire, black Avl RFQ
150-S23045 no. 6 flat washer Avl RFQ
150-S23061 1/4" flat washers Avl RFQ
150-S23062 flat washer Avl RFQ
150-S23063 washer Avl RFQ
150-S23068 plain washer, 5/16" nom. Avl RFQ
150-S23085 #10 lock washer Avl RFQ
150-S23087 1/4 lock washer Avl RFQ
150-S23088 5/16" lock washer Avl RFQ
150-S23477 no. s32 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S23479 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S23481 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S23485 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S23538 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23539 nozzle housing cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23540 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23542 hex cap screw, 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4" lg. Avl RFQ
150-S23546 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23574 hex cap screw, 3/8"-16 x 2" lg. hh c/s Avl RFQ
150-S23621 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23664 set screw Avl RFQ
150-S23665 tiller set screw (5/16"-18 x 3/4" long sq. hd. set screw) Avl RFQ
150-S23680 5/16 hand hole nuts Avl RFQ
150-S24425 no. s32 x 1" lg. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S24472 rd. hd. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S24504 round head machine screw, 1/4"-20 x 1-1/4" long  Avl RFQ
150-S24507 rd. hd. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25599 fastener screw Avl RFQ
150-S25669 machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25672 1/4"-20nc x 2" lg. f.h. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25674 1/4"-20nc x 2-1/2" lg. f.h. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25679 machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25682 5/16"-20nc x 2" lg. f.h. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25685 machine screw Avl RFQ
150-S25959 nozzle & reverse bucket cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S26151 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S26402 1/4"-20 lg. f.h. phillips taptile screws Avl RFQ
150-S26413 transom housing screw, #14 sheet metal x 1" long Avl RFQ
150-S26457 spacer nut, str. to tiller - morse & rideguide Avl RFQ
150-S26513 no. 10-32 x 3/8' l . self-tapping screw Avl RFQ
150-S26573 self-locking hex nut, 3/8"-16 Avl RFQ
150-S26611 cotter pin Avl RFQ
150-S26612 cotter pin Avl RFQ
150-S26619 cotter pin Avl RFQ
150-S26765 no. 14 x 1/2" l . self-tapping screw Avl RFQ
150-S27129 flat washer Avl RFQ
150-S32364 cap screw, str. to tiller - morse & rideguide Avl RFQ
150-S32365 hex cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S32366 hex cap screw, 3/8"-24 x 1-1/4" lg. nh c/s Avl RFQ
150-S32394 rudder bolt Avl RFQ
150-S32399 slotted nut Avl RFQ
150-S32400 slotted nut Avl RFQ
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