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FSC 2010 Ship and Boat Propulsion Components Parts Catalog

Federal Supply Code 2010, Ship and Boat Propulsion Components, includes all components related to the propulsion, or movement, of a ship or boat across the water. FSC 2010 includes components such as propulsion shafts, ship propellers, marine transmissions, reverse gear types, and reduction gear types. Note that FSC 2010 does not include engines or turbines. For engines, see FSC 2810 and 2815. For turbines, see FSC 2825, 27835, and 2840.

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Part Number's List for FSC 2010 Ship And Boat Propulsion Components

Part No RFQ
D2-9208PC27ANDD2-9209PC33 RFQ
0906034 RFQ
B2-F-085 ITEM 6 RFQ
A305840 RFQ
D2-8482-26 RFQ
H-44250 RFQ
462918 STBD RFQ
G9801PC95 RFQ
WW9481232PC12 RFQ
C30986100-3X1 RFQ
W65E29X1 RFQ
203-4375399 PC. NO. 2 RFQ
KMC-3018G44-1 RFQ
2303-09-40PC3 RFQ
464306 RFQ
HE10200 RFQ
51-0080-01 RFQ
46296D539 RFQ
D15-405PPC682T0684 RFQ
389514 RFQ
243-5920544 REV B RFQ
AG-M-24501S RFQ
800956PC800768E RFQ
G9699PC87 RFQ
518-4674772 RFQ
607-1X14X15 RFQ
G6672PC71 RFQ
B831-9510-21 RFQ
DD-075-000-195 RFQ
MG125PCX8764 RFQ
N9775PC158 RFQ
7704PC514 RFQ
CVA(N)68 203-4325141 PC4 RFQ
6775903 RFQ
SK-0036 POS. 1 RFQ
4-902-077-19747 RFQ
379153 RFQ
J1044 RFQ
O8665D RFQ
XA3799PCA2506 RFQ
D15-523NPC652T0654 RFQ
30159 RFQ
H45741-A01 RFQ
D15-523BPC652T0654 RFQ
M7205C081 RFQ
7010398 RFQ
N21754PC2-8-9 RFQ
H2143PC5-8-11T017 RFQ
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