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FSC 2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items Parts Catalog

Federal Supply Code 2040, Marine Hardware and Hull Items, includes all hardware and items related to ships and ship hulls. FSC 2040 includes components such as anchors, grapnels, sea anchors, watertight doors, ship ventilators, hatches, manholes, scuttles, air ports, fenders, sea chests, scuppers, rudders, stern tubes, chain pipes, hawse pipes, boiler uptakes, chocks, mast and boom fittings, oars, paddles, and oarlocks.

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Part Number's List for FSC 2040 Marine Hardware And Hull Items

Part No RFQ
P2962-7 RFQ
3196702PCP2962-3 RFQ
13219E1149 RFQ
CC1071A27 RFQ
13216E6684 RFQ
13213E5221 RFQ
13213E5222 RFQ
CC1071A25 RFQ
13219E1111-98 RFQ
810-2255760-20 RFQ
CC1071-27 RFQ
P2952REVAPCP2962-3 RFQ
CC1071A26 RFQ
P1499PC1 RFQ
2643118 RFQ
13213E5172-20 RFQ
P2962PCP2962-3 RFQ
CC1071A8 RFQ
2643118 RFQ
P2952REVAPCP2962-3 RFQ
810-2255760-20 RFQ
CC1071A23 RFQ
810-2255760-20 RFQ
2409-697478PC1 RFQ
CC1071-26 RFQ
CC1071A3 RFQ
CC1071A30 RFQ
CC1071A24 RFQ
P2962PCP2962-3 RFQ
P1499-1 RFQ
3196702PCP2962-3 RFQ
13213E5232 RFQ
P2952REVAPCP2950-1 RFQ
13216E9929 RFQ
3196702PCP2962-7 RFQ
CC1071-24 RFQ
CC1071-25 RFQ
2643118 RFQ
P2962-3 RFQ
CC1071-23 RFQ
13213E5172-22 RFQ
3196690PCALL RFQ
P2952REVAPCP2962-7 RFQ
P2962-3 RFQ
CC1071-30 RFQ
P2950-1 RFQ
CC1071A5 RFQ
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