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FSC 2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items Parts Catalog

Federal Supply Code 2040, Marine Hardware and Hull Items, includes all hardware and items related to ships and ship hulls. FSC 2040 includes components such as anchors, grapnels, sea anchors, watertight doors, ship ventilators, hatches, manholes, scuttles, air ports, fenders, sea chests, scuppers, rudders, stern tubes, chain pipes, hawse pipes, boiler uptakes, chocks, mast and boom fittings, oars, paddles, and oarlocks.

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Part Number's List for FSC 2040 Marine Hardware And Hull Items

Part No RFQ
003183 RFQ
87841-0210 ITEM 7 RFQ
7401512 RFQ
063-000-160 RFQ
50-001104-12D RFQ
5583576 RFQ
501-4788997 RFQ
B-3498-89-65 RFQ
112305 RFQ
LH5167610 ASSY 7 RFQ
12101-400 RFQ
T-ATF-166-519-4842939 RFQ
1000-149PC29 RFQ
6002-349 ASSY 99 RFQ
W103590 RFQ
7550136-23 RFQ
7264484 RFQ
3224030 RFQ
LCVP420019PC19 RFQ
788C704 RFQ
5904T RFQ
566A004845 RFQ
0477-S-0685 FN 044 RFQ
H532-0502 RFQ
7285578-016 RFQ
7407-17-2 RFQ
F547-365 RFQ
7067878 RFQ
90EF-B1488FL5-0816 RFQ
547A002783 RFQ
G5472101-B1 RFQ
D686-20 RFQ
6305-11 PIECE 88 RFQ
7285578-015 RFQ
CC-626 RFQ
810-2255759-7 RFQ
566A004756-1 RFQ
H682-6701-2 RFQ
624D-2155-233 PART 7 RFQ
701331 RFQ
LCVP36-1568355PC57 RFQ
2661594 RFQ
C-6746P RFQ
2156-33 RFQ
87H510501-0008 RFQ
D636A001 ITEM 2 RFQ
CC-1771 RFQ
A62402-LPD-187 RFQ
7285573 RFQ
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