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The aircraft heater system parts may come in various forms depending on the type of aircraft, and these include fuel fired heaters, exhaust heating systems, combustion heater systems, and bleed air heating systems. Fuel fired heaters are mounted or portable, and they are supplied fuel from a fuel tank or the aircraft fuel system. Fuel fired heaters are similar to an aircraft engine, as air is mixed with fuel in a combustion chamber which creates warmed air that is used to heat the interior of the aircraft. Exhaust heating systems are widely used on lightweight aircraft due to their simplicity, and they direct exhaust gases away from the engine to heat air for the interior. Combustion heater systems are similar to fuel fired heaters, using combusted fuel to heat the aircraft. The last type, the bleed air heating system, is featured on many turbine-engine aircraft and hot compressor bleed air is recirculated to cool before it is sent to the cabin.

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Part Number Description QTY RFQ
RA-A55D91 Gasket, Nozzle Holder (S-Series) Avl RFQ
RA-83A45 Gasket, Spark Plug Housing Avl RFQ
RA-82A54 RA-82A54 Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-735411 Seal with Connector and Couplings Avl RFQ
RA-720965 Exhaust Shroud Gasket Silicone Sponge Avl RFQ
RA-720963 Sponge, Silicone Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-720141 O-Ring Avl RFQ
RA-704983 Kit, Nozzle and Solenoid Service Avl RFQ
RA-55D91 Nozzle Holder Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-52A02 Gasket, Head Avl RFQ
RA-476229 RA-476229 Gasket, Washer Avl RFQ
RA-474942 Igniter Assembly Serviceable Avl RFQ
RA-474669 Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-45A28 Washer Avl RFQ
RA-41427 Switch, Overheat Kit Avl RFQ
RA-41411 Bumper, Isolation Avl RFQ
RA-29D28 Head Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-21454 Spring Brush Avl RFQ
RA-21450-1 Brush Kit, set of two- .25"X.25" Avl RFQ
RA-21425 Switch, Overheat auto reset prevents overheating by shutting down at 175 degrees Avl RFQ
RA-17D86 Gasket Avl RFQ
RA-14E00-1 Serviceable Vibrator Avl RFQ
RA-07D29 Overheat Switch - Manual Reset Avl RFQ
CD93C31 CD93C31 Ignition Coil 24 VDC system Avl RFQ
CD70222 Pressure Switch Adaptor Avl RFQ
CD70220 Water Manometer Inches Avl RFQ
CD70219 Water Manometer Holder Avl RFQ
CD70150 Training Station for Aircraft Combustion Heaters Avl RFQ
CD70144 Coupler Body Avl RFQ
CD70121 Lamp Avl RFQ
CD70116 PDT Tubing Avl RFQ
CD70113 Fitting 1/8" Avl RFQ
CD70106 Minihelic Gauge Avl RFQ
CD70104 Gauge High Pressure Avl RFQ
CD70100 Self-contained C&D Associates Pressure Decay Tester  Avl RFQ
CD70092 Regulator High Pressure Avl RFQ
CD70091 Regulator Low Pressure Avl RFQ
CD70089 Gauge Avl RFQ
CD70084 PDT Temperature Probe Avl RFQ
CD70082 Gauge Avl RFQ
CD70070 Supply Avl RFQ
CD70019 Supply Assembly 2 Avl RFQ
CD70017 Supply Assembly 1-1/2" Avl RFQ
CD70015 Supply Assembly - 3/4" Replaces P201.57 Avl RFQ
CD70012 Expansion Bulb 1-9/16" Avl RFQ
CD70011 PDT Expansion Bulb 1-1/8" Avl RFQ
CD65C65 CD65C65 Coil, Ignition Avl RFQ
CD41210 Number Plate CD41210 Avl RFQ
CD41209 Number Plate Avl RFQ
CD40700 Spark Plug CD40700 Avl RFQ
CD40690 Kit airflow/ switch assembly CD40690 Avl RFQ
CD31110 CD31110 Blower Motor Assembly Avl RFQ
CD31073 Electrode is FAA approved to directly replace Janitrol 51A05 Avl RFQ
CD29127 CD29127 Fuel Train Avl RFQ
CD29111 Fuel Pump Assy Avl RFQ
CD22550 Combustion Air Switch Avl RFQ
CD22050 CD22050 Spark Plug Avl RFQ
CD22030 CD22030 Spark Plug Assembly Avl RFQ
CD21600 CD21600 Heater Control Switch Avl RFQ
CD21426 Switch, Overheat Manual Reset Avl RFQ
CD21412 Single Row Ball Bearings, package of two Avl RFQ
CD21402 Permanent Magnetic Motor, 24 VDC Avl RFQ
CD21399 CD21399 Switch, Control Thermostat Linear Rheostat, attaches to push-pull cable (LOW TO HIGH) Avl RFQ
CD21387 CD21387 Ignition Mount Avl RFQ
CD21380 CD21380 Ignition Unit 12VDC Avl RFQ
CD21379 CD21379 Shock Mount- package of three Avl RFQ
CD21348 CD21348 O-Ring Avl RFQ
CD21346 CD21346 Filter Replacement Kit needed 250 hours or 2 years after CD21340 installed Avl RFQ
CD21330 CD21330 Kit, Lead Repair Avl RFQ
CD21295 CD21295 Nozzle Holder Assembly Avl RFQ
CD21285 CD21285 Fuel Nozzle Holder Assy. Avl RFQ
CD21250 CD21250 Universal Lead Kit Avl RFQ
CD21194 CD21194 Valve, Solenoid Avl RFQ
CD21192 CD21192 Valve, Solenoid Avl RFQ
CD21185 CD21185 Fuel Pump Universal Avl RFQ
CD21171 CD21171 Fuel Nozzle, 2.25 GPH Avl RFQ
CD21170 CD21170 Fuel Nozzle, 2.00 GPH Avl RFQ
CD21168 CD21168 Fuel Nozzle, 1.20 GPH Avl RFQ
CD21166 CD21166 Fuel Nozzle, 3.00 GPH Avl RFQ
CD21163 CD21163 Fuel Nozzle, 1.35 GPH Avl RFQ
CD21156 CD21156 Fuel Nozzle 2.30 GPH Avl RFQ
CD20803 Fuel Regulator, 24 VDC 1.0 AMP Avl RFQ
CD09D77 CD09D77 Nozzle Holder Gasket Avl RFQ
285CAL PDT Calibration Avl RFQ
18E30-1 Nozzle Holder Solenoid Assembly Overhaul Avl RFQ
17E12 17E12 Ignition Unit Overhauled 12 VDC (long legs) Avl RFQ
11E31-1 11E31-1 Motor overhaul 24 VDC Avl RFQ
10D48 10D48 Servicable Vibrator Avl RFQ
09E47 Regulator overhaul Avl RFQ
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