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FSC 2020 Rigging and Rigging Gear Parts Catalog

Federal Supply Code 2020, Rigging and Rigging Gear, includes all equipment related to rigging, the system of ropes, cables, or chains that are used to support a ship’s masts and to control the yards and sails. FSC 2020 includes components such as masts, kingposts, sail booms, shipborne booms, launch wheels, trolleys, sheaves, ram tensioners, and cables. Note that FSC 2020 does not include tackle blocks.

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Part Number's List for FSC 2020 Rigging And Rigging Gear

Part No RFQ
3374-1 RFQ
343-521-68PC50 RFQ
D104611 RFQ
C9373 RFQ
343-521-68PC1 RFQ
E106057-18 ITEM 9 RFQ
375A3TRB7-8 RFQ
C500125A RFQ
D320448 FIND NO 9 RFQ
932525 RFQ
202-1405-2 RFQ
343-2400-7 RFQ
008497-0 RFQ
343-521-68PC50 RFQ
55389 RFQ
ASF3-521-2445621PC2 RFQ
C1925 RFQ
66269-1 RFQ
AFS3-521-2445621PC1 RFQ
AFS3-521-2445621PC3 RFQ
202-1377-1 RFQ
A3511-3TRB3-4 RFQ
D106549 RFQ
AFS3-521-2445621PC50 RFQ
C8004-15-002-001 RFQ
343-521-68PC3 RFQ
B540229 RFQ
AFS3-521-2445621PC50 RFQ
E101-285ANDE101-286 RFQ
55389 RFQ
D106387 RFQ
455389 RFQ
E500125A RFQ
C500112 RFQ
C8004-15-002FN1 RFQ
202-1155-1 RFQ
B58494B RFQ
D58434E RFQ
C108644 RFQ
709-1706236ASSY101T0103 RFQ
E106057-18 ITEM 2 RFQ
D8004-15-002 RFQ
202-1405-1 RFQ
D101390 RFQ
D320448 FIND NO 2 RFQ
C509125A RFQ
B8004-15-002-1 RFQ
343-521-68PC2 RFQ
415389 RFQ
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