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CAGE Code: 079B7, 60336, 0P206, 6HNW6

Within our extensive inventory we have components such as 50-251-4253CVB, 50-251-424ECVC, 50-251-424ECSL, 50-250400FAFA, 50-240731AAAE7 with NSN 5925013043279, 6625012463664, 6625012339451, 6625012615282, 6625004718979 from Yokogawa Corp with CAGE code 60336. Each and every part that we source and ship is verified as up to industry standard. We are committed to providing the best customer care for our clients, which is why we always respond to RFQs within 15 minutes. Submit an RFQ and talk to a dedicated account manager today.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
TKMASTA8R 5925-01-304-3279 tripper circuit bre Avl RFQ
MR49W600ACVVH 6625-01-246-3664 voltmeter Avl RFQ
MK706-36 6625-01-233-9451 meter special scale Avl RFQ
MK701-97 6625-01-261-5282 voltmeter Avl RFQ
MK701-70 6625-00-471-8979 ammeter Avl RFQ
MK701-379 6685-01-355-3367 indicator temperatu Avl RFQ
KX-241 6625-01-281-4006 meter special scale Avl RFQ
K9346KA 4940-01-458-6222 maintenance kit Avl RFQ
K9346FU 4320-01-431-1158 pump unit reciproca Avl RFQ
K9346EL 4140-01-428-7516 fan tubeaxial Avl RFQ
EJA110A-DMS4B-92NA F 6685-01-592-6426 transmitter pressur Avl RFQ
E7076DG 6625-01-367-2596 test lead attachmen Avl RFQ
DW91-519X4 6625-00-003-8788 voltmeter Avl RFQ
DB40-0-200UADC 6625-01-033-7976 ammeter Avl RFQ
DB-14 6625-01-525-7096 meter special scale Avl RFQ
B9543TD 6645-01-374-4354 generator time code Avl RFQ
AB-40 6625-01-307-9891 wattmeter Avl RFQ
647289 6625-01-356-4332 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50152111KGKG2AAY 6625-01-238-6824 ammeter Avl RFQ
50152011RXRX2KEG 6625-01-239-2149 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50-255-350-ANAN 6625-01-445-4685 meter electrical fr Avl RFQ
50-2513405LSPK 6625-01-115-2364 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-251330MTMT 6625-01-133-3330 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50-251244PZ 6625-01-279-1620 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50-251-425ECSC 6625-01-157-7880 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-251-4253CVB 6625-01-158-6563 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-251-424ECVC 6625-01-157-7879 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-251-424ECSL 6625-01-157-7877 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-250400FAFA 6625-01-181-4648 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-240731AAAE7 6645-01-262-0685 meter time totalizi Avl RFQ
50-240731AAAE 6645-01-262-0685 meter time totalizi Avl RFQ
50-240711AAAD1 6645-01-262-1622 meter time totalizi Avl RFQ
50-1521GBSC2 6625-01-118-0605 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-152121-ECPZ2 6625-00-318-6256 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-152111NTNT7A 6625-00-946-6039 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50-103502CAAB 6685-01-276-5400 indicator temperatu Avl RFQ
50-103221BXAG7BUC 6625-01-115-3388 wattmeter Avl RFQ
50-103221ASAJ7KCB 6625-01-293-7403 voltmeter Avl RFQ
50-103191HE CAT 6625-01-585-1025 meter special scale Avl RFQ
50-103191HE 10 90MM 6625-01-295-6978 meter special scale Avl RFQ
50-103191HE 0 600RPM 6625-01-295-5493 meter special scale Avl RFQ
50-103191HE 0 20000R 6625-01-295-8558 meter special scale Avl RFQ
50-103131LSUJ7 6625-01-284-1521 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSUA7PAL 6625-01-300-9906 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSTC 6625-00-556-4427 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSSV7PAS 6625-01-272-6188 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSSV 6625-01-107-1062 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSSJ 6625-00-433-1255 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSSF 6625-00-546-6606 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103131LSRX 6625-01-156-5945 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103122AENT 6625-01-260-7936 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103121HMSV2KEH 6625-00-539-8178 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103121CANT2 6625-00-577-6436 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103111LSLS 6625-00-057-2648 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-103-502CAAB7JMA 6685-01-313-7103 thermometer indicat Avl RFQ
50-103 402 FCAD 6625-00-875-8554 meter power factor Avl RFQ
50-101223ECJH2J6P 6625-01-222-8386 wattmeter Avl RFQ
50-101133LSSV3JAK 6625-00-717-1131 ammeter Avl RFQ
50-101133LSSN 6625-01-167-3208 ammeter Avl RFQ
278A2185GFP6 6625-01-285-2422 meter electrical mu Avl RFQ
278A2185GFP37 6625-01-285-2414 meter electrical mu Avl RFQ
278A2185GFP36 6625-01-285-2413 meter electrical mu Avl RFQ
278A2185GFP32 6625-01-285-2409 meter electrical mu Avl RFQ
278A2185GFP31 6625-01-285-2408 meter electrical mu Avl RFQ
162011PKPK 6625-01-142-7320 voltmeter Avl RFQ
162011NTNT 6625-00-951-5997 voltmeter Avl RFQ
152061PZPZ 6625-01-363-6349 voltmeter Avl RFQ
152011RXRX7 6625-01-239-2149 voltmeter Avl RFQ
152-121GBSC7 6625-01-118-0605 ammeter Avl RFQ
152-121-ECRS 6625-00-407-3853 ammeter Avl RFQ
152-111KGKG7AAY 6625-01-238-6824 ammeter Avl RFQ
152 121 ECSJ 6625-01-086-6974 ammeter Avl RFQ
1474K11G0001 6665-01-008-1715 bellows pump Avl RFQ
103462FCAD 6625-01-391-4691 meter power factor Avl RFQ
103412FCAD 6625-01-308-6344 meter power factor Avl RFQ
103131LSSF7PAR 6625-01-284-1522 ammeter Avl RFQ
103131LSRS 6625-01-304-2268 ammeter Avl RFQ
103121CASV 6625-01-337-4240 ammeter Avl RFQ
103112FAFA 6625-01-371-7018 ammeter Avl RFQ
103111FAZZ7SSY 6625-01-373-2797 ammeter Avl RFQ
103-131-LSNL 6625-01-336-6134 meter ampere hour Avl RFQ
077-41LA-PNAT 6625-01-097-0043 meter electrical fr Avl RFQ
077-218A-QQXH-CHSR 6625-01-121-9754 wattmeter Avl RFQ
077-08AA-LSRS-CHR 6625-01-121-9745 ammeter Avl RFQ
077-05VA-NLNL 6625-00-539-8089 voltmeter Avl RFQ
06D005-33 6625-01-281-1694 wattmeter Avl RFQ
025-637 6625-01-229-7430 voltmeter Avl RFQ
0000-6513-48 6625-01-370-0966 voltmeter Avl RFQ
00-834-808 6625-01-328-4943 ammeter Avl RFQ
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