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Aviation parts by Bae Systems Aircraft is just one of countless respected manufacturer we do business with at Purchasing 3Sixty. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have access to an inventory greater than 3 billion new and obsolete parts such as 285T0294-23, 80423-10, G51TEX3METRES, S2700-003, S1431-056N. This Bae Systems Aircraft parts lookup, coupled with our extensive international supply chain, allow us to promise short lead times and competitive prices on any parts you might need.

Additionally, our strict No China Sourcing Policy guarantees that each part that leaves our warehouse will be sourced responsibly and come from a trusted manufacturer. Purchasing 3Sixty is proud to be at the forefront of a revolution in the parts procurement process. To see how we are changing the industry for good, submit an RFQ today for Bae Systems Aircraft part.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
HC535J0324-000 NA gusset Avl RFQ
65-52805-301 NA unit ay Avl RFQ
7150M60P59 NA backshell Avl RFQ
BAEREF000000063 NA stowage Avl RFQ
HC252H3470-201 NA panel Avl RFQ
HC252B1960-018-13F NA post Avl RFQ
JANTX1N6125A NA semiconductor Avl RFQ
NAS5001-7 NA bolt Avl RFQ
69-72867-1 NA card ay Avl RFQ
3747-128 NA clip Avl RFQ
BAEREF000015279 NA covering Avl RFQ
HC521H0297-012 NA housing Avl RFQ
HC924H7282-003B NA assembly Avl RFQ
HC537H0248-000 NA intercostl Avl RFQ
DHS1503-614 NA rivet Avl RFQ
233N3205-24 NA panel ay Avl RFQ
HC270H0073-000 NA plate Avl RFQ
285W0056-6 NA pwa Avl RFQ
HC537H0577-000 NA stiffner Avl RFQ
69-37317-54 NA module Avl RFQ
S1205-606 NA sleeve Avl RFQ
285U0080-107 NA card fil Avl RFQ
HC292B0073-000 NA pipe Avl RFQ
HC252B0454-004-01F NA fairing Avl RFQ
XC5259 NA duct Avl RFQ
285T0294-23 NA pc ay Avl RFQ
80423-10 NA ball Avl RFQ
G51TEX3METRES NA grommet Avl RFQ
S2700-003 NA relay Avl RFQ
S1431-056N NA connector Avl RFQ
285T1115-15 MOD A NA printed circuit assy bleed air Avl RFQ
HC112H0137-000 NA label Avl RFQ
65B47522-28 NA box ay Avl RFQ
HC325H0131-000 NA plate Avl RFQ
HC538J0926-202 NA angle Avl RFQ
BAEREF000021858 NA fairing Avl RFQ
4TL1-70 NA switch Avl RFQ
S0L2172BA NA viewer Avl RFQ
HC321B0002-004 NA pin Avl RFQ
285U0040-18 NA pca Avl RFQ
233N3221-316 NA pnl assy ltg cnt rt m10057 Avl RFQ
72541-425-0AV2 NA block Avl RFQ
HC252B0202-204 NA cover Avl RFQ
HC212B0117-000 NA cradle Avl RFQ
BAEREF000014544 NA strip Avl RFQ
A170-6B NA bolt Avl RFQ
HC536H1308-219 NA packing Avl RFQ
HC381H0157-000-05D NA baffle Avl RFQ
10-500-11-114 NA gasket Avl RFQ
HC537H0647-002 NA cover Avl RFQ
NAS5400-4 NA screw Avl RFQ
HC921H1589-000 NA cover Avl RFQ
HC923H0851-000 NA busbar Avl RFQ
HTE4855-1 NA valve Avl RFQ
HLT912PN12-23 NA bolt Avl RFQ
HC252B1742-000-1ZW NA angle Avl RFQ
508-2-11231-002 NA sleeve Avl RFQ
HC923B0116-000 NA angle Avl RFQ
HC535B0578-200U NA panel Avl RFQ
65B50621-41 NA panel as Avl RFQ
HC576C0100-002 NA panel Avl RFQ
NP0602 NA panel Avl RFQ
BAEREF000002055 NA wire Avl RFQ
HC270H0035-004 NA cable Avl RFQ
233N3221-45 NA panel ay Avl RFQ
HC552H0334-003 NA skin Avl RFQ
HC252H2753-201A NA packer Avl RFQ
SL5102A4091A NA label Avl RFQ
69-37319-137 NA module Avl RFQ
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