Choosing The Right Pontoon For You

If you’ve never purchased a pontoon before, or are looking to add another to your collection, it’s wise to know what to look out for. Not every pontoon is the same which is why it’s important to select the ideal pontoon for you. Novices, for example, might not do well with purchasing a vessel with advanced features, while seasoned pontoon riders will likely appreciate something that will give them more features to play with. Whatever the case, these tips may help you narrow down your search.

Speed and Stability

You should first consider what you will be using your pontoon for because there are different pontoons suited for different purposes, from cruising to skiing and waterboarding. Depending on your answer, you’ll want to choose the pontoon with the best speed and stability suited for your purposes. For example, if you know you’ll want to ride at high speeds, then you might be looking to buy a tritoon, which has three cylindrical tubes as opposed to just two, and can reach higher speeds than the pontoon.

However, if you’re simply looking for something with more stability, then you would definitely be more comfortable with a pontoon, which have been designed to be a safe floating platform, with less roll probability than skiing boats. Additionally, pontoons are also much easier to embark and disembark. While pontoons are designed for more stability, there are some tritoons in the market that have been specifically designed for advanced stability.

Cost and Accessories

The cost can also factor into your selection process. If you have a budget leaning on the lower end and you’re not looking to buy used, then you’re probably going to find more selections with smaller and starter pontoons than with tritoons. However, the benefit of buying more budget friendly is that you have more room to save up and buy accessories to enhance your pontoon. Buying a $45,000 pontoon or tritoon might not leave you with much room to purchase add-ons in the future. As the premier supplier of ship pontoons and floating decks, Purchasing 3sixty has a diverse inventory of marine parts for all of our clients’ needs.

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February 10, 2020
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